Articles I've worked on that highlight a certain team, individual, and everything in between.

Making the Dream a Legacy: Green Booters take the fight to Season 86

“I want to break the legacy of coach Alvin Ocampo na sila ‘yung last batch na nag-champion (1998). I want to break that and have that achievement or badge that I could face Coach Alvin and say ‘hindi na kayo ang last batch, kami na ang last batch’. It gives fuel and motivation to me na sobrang tagal ng La Salle na hindi nananalo and they deserve that gold medal, especially the community.”

Fernando Alonso: A Relic Restored

A lot can be said about Fernando Alonso, many marvel at his unique driving ability, others his capacity to extract every single millisecond out of the car, or his race-craft honed over decades of experience. In the end, its his longevity that is a true testament to his greatness in the sport. His swift ascent to the top, sharp free-fall down the order, and now steady rise back to the highs he once enjoyed make Fernando Alonso’s journey truly one of a kind.

Austin Reaves: The Los Angeles Lakers’ Unsung Hero

When you think of the Los Angeles Lakers, some of the greatest players in the history of basketball instantly come to mind. The likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James have all been instrumental in turning the City of Angels into champions. While the league’s superstars grace the front covers time after time, they definitely couldn’t have done it without any help.

Behind each star is a supporting cast that isn’t afraid to do the dirty work —

The Green Jins return to the mat seeking perfection with an indomitable will

The De La Salle University Taekwondo (DELTA) Kyorugi team have waited two long years since they last made an appearance on the UAAP stage. In Season 82, they placed second overall and though championship gold is nothing new to the Green Jins, they last raised the trophy nine years ago dating all the way back to Season 76 — a streak they finally hope to break once and for all this upcoming season.

IEM Rio Major profile: Natus Vincere

The only organization in history to have competed at every CS:GO Major head into Rio with the ultimate goal of taking back their crown.

After a dominant end to 2021 NAVI have found a new rival in FaZe, with whom they have traded the No. 1 spot on the ranking throughout the first half of 2022. While their post-break performances have been a step down from their earlier form, highlighted by a disappointing performance at ESL Pro League Season 16, Natus Vincere are still among the favorites to go all the way in Rio and make their case for a second Major.