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Joaqin Valencerina

Counter-Strike, Sports, La Salle



My name is Joaqin Valencerina, known in the esports community under my alias "mitsuha". I have been a fan of both sports and esports nearly my entire life, and equally enjoy participating or simply being a spectator.

I joined the biggest CS:GO coverage website,, in March 2022 as a Junior Writer where I worked for ten months until January 2023. My articles include previews, features, and everyday news such as roster announcements and post-match reports.

I started writing for De La Salle University's sports coverage organization, DLSU Sports, in August 2022. Since joining, I have created interview features for various sports and covered both pre-season and UAAP games that the university's teams participate in. I also provide Counter-Strike coverage for Rush B Media.